Jennifer’s Wedding Dress

| Jul 23, 2018
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By Ms. Jennifer Blake

Jennifer modeling her wedding dress.

Of course the one item any bride absolutely needs is a bridal gown, and Renee was fully supportive of taking me out to find one. Renee recently was married and knew all the ‘routines’ to go through in buying a gown. We live in Hamilton and in this area there is an abundance of such shops. After making several calls, I found the shops that would accept a girl without an appointment as Renee warned the others are a tad bit expensive.

The day of the bridal store visit had arrived and I was getting a little nervous, mind you I have passed everywhere and this was a new challenge. I decided to dress casual and do my makeup very conservatively. I wore a blue turtleneck, black wool-knit skirt, black heeled boots, as the weather was slushy, and carried my low black pumps in my tote bag alone with my purse. I did the outline of my eyes with black eyeliner, my lids with shades of purple and pink and my mascara was black. My blush was light and made my face appear light and fresh and my lipstick was a light shade of rose-pink. I finished the outfit off with a spritz of Halston’s perfume and I was ready to go. One last check of my hair by Renee and we donned our winter coats and were gone to the bridal salon.

One wonders what one looks like inside, and let me tell you it is like going to another world. Once in the doors, you get the feeling of pure femininity and everything around you is soft and sexy, that is the only way I can describe it, I was in awe and barely heard the salesgirl ask what were there to buy, either a formal gown or bridal. Renee then took the lead and guided me to a rack of discontinued gowns on the bottom level of the store. We initially saw nothing I liked, and noticed that most of the gowns were for sizes 11/12, a typical size, but unfortunately not mine, I am more 13/14.

The salesgirl then came over and suggested that there were more discontinued gowns upstairs and all the top of the line ones were there too. Renee and I then decided to venture upstairs, and once agin I was astonished by what I saw.

Changing Area

At the top of the stairs, was a special area for girls to try on bridal gowns, it was very well lighted and the room contained several gowns in plastic and a platform in front of a large mirror, it also had two change areas that were both occupied. The girl on the platform with the dress on was one we had seen earlier and was rather ‘plain’ looking, but on that platform, with that gown on, she looked so beautiful and sexy, from that moment on, I knew I had to have a chance on that platform.

Renee and I made our way through that room and ended up in another area with discontinued gowns, we found a beautiful gown and although it was size 12, I had to try it on. Since both the upstairs rooms were occupied we ventured downstairs and Renee helped me change in the gown, now I know the bridegroom is not supposed to see the bride in her dress, but these were the circumstances.

Unfortunately, the dress was way too tight, it was so tight, it made my chest even flatter than it already was. So we put that dress back and decided to look in the downstairs rack more, and lone behold, we found a wonderful and georgous gown, it had a lace type pattern on the upper part of the gown, a high collar and a satin material for the skirt, the gown was lined with petticoats in the skirt and had a train of about six feet. I tried it on and the fit was perfect, the gown really complimented my figure.

Staring at myself, I could not get over the beauty of myself, not to sound vain or anything, but I was georgous!. Renee then helped me out of the gown and suggested we visit another shop near by, like I said, there are several in our area. Upon entering the same feelings came over me, ones that are hard to put into words, but indeed overwhelming. Renee and I looked around and saw nothing that excited either one of us, we simply scanned the discontinued racks and looked at the price of the top of the line gowns and left.

We then decided to venture back to the first salon to have another look at the gown I liked so much. When we entered the store, the salesgirl made mention of the fact we had returned and offered a suggestion to try on the gown in the front of the store near a very large mirror, to get a better idea of how the gown really looked. I went to the rack to grab the gown as Renee made small talk with the salesgirl. Renee helped me change and when I came out, there were things about the gown that made me even more excited, for example, the button work on the back of the gown was georgous and the train behind me was very sophisticated, also at the base of my thighs in the rear was a large silk bow that was so pretty. I modeled around a bit as other girls in the store eyed me up and down, admiring the dress and giving approving stares. The salesgirl also was showering me with compliments, which really made me feel wonderful, but I still was not satisfied, I wanted so dearly to stand on that platform upstairs, like so many other radiant brides.

So with a little coaxing, I re-dressed into my normal clothes and carried the gown upstairs were a room had become available. Renee once again helped me into the gown and all the time we could hear another girl changing and modeling her gown while other women sitting down, possibly her mother and maid of honor looked on.


When Renee had done up the last button and the other girl had left the platform, Renee said, “hope your ready for an audience”, and helped me out to the platform. I could not have been more thrilled that there was an audience as it made me feel all that more feminine. I stood on the platform, assisted by Renee, she spread out my train, I was once again in total awe of myself and the beauty that raidiated forth, I was one of those ‘plain-Janes’ transformed into a beauty, by a simple dress. The women sitting around waiting for the other girl also started showering me with compliments and saying how beautiful I looked. Once satisfied I left the platform, allowed the other girl to go up, and retired to the changing room to undress.

Renee helped me out of the gown and I decided to buy that particular gown. We went to the front counter and set up the all- important appointment for a fitting session, and would be the following Saturday, February 10th. I was still thrilled further as the salesgirl asked me my name and wrote out the invoice with it, she also reminded me of my appointment.

After I left the bridal salon, I was still in seventh heaven and Renee smiled supportively and told me how I was the perfect girl, which made me feel special. Renee reached over and grabbed my hand and we held hands all the way home.

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  1. jamier jamier says:

    “Renee was fully supportive of taking me out to find” a wedding gown. You described how you dressed for this important shopping day. What did Renee wear to accompany and support you?

    • angela_g angela_g says:

      Hi Jamier, This piece was written by a contributor to TGF back in the 1990s. We re-ran it. We are no longer in touch with the author so what her companion wore will remain a mystery.