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| Dec 18, 2017

One of the better things about the internet is that you don’t have to look far for queer representation. The internet has also made it so much easier to find new things. Music has been completely changed thanks to the internet. Being the music lover that I am, I am constantly learning about new queer musicians. I’ve found some that I really like lately, so I thought I would share them in this piece.

My absolutely favorite artist right now is non-binary. Their name is Dylan, but they release music under the name bedbug. Bedbug is an absolutely amazing project. It’s some very experimental music, and it’s definitely not for everyone, but I really like it. Their music makes me feel like I’m getting a hug from an old friend. It’s just very nice music. Bedbug’s style is a style known as noise pop. It’s a really odd style of music, but it makes me very happy. You can check out their Bandcamp page here. Again, their music is definitely not for everyone, but it definitely is for me.

Another musician that I’ve been listening to a lot is another single artist who uses a name for her band. This band is called She/Her/Hers. She/Her/Hers is a project done by an amazing singer who goes by Emma Grrrl. Emma’s singing is absolutely beautiful, and I highly recommend you check her out. She sings a lot about gender and her experiences as a trans person. My favorite song by her is a song called Gender is Boring. You can check that out right here.

The final artist that I would like to recommend is someone that I’ve seen mentioned here before. I’m sure at least some of you know of her and her band. I am talking about Laura Jane Grace, the frontwoman of the band Against Me!. Laura came out as transgender back in 2012 or so. She has since recorded two albums with her band, both of which are at least partially about her experience. Her first album after she came out, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, is absolutely amazing. This album has helped me through many tough times. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen Against Me! live twice. My favorite band I’ve ever seen live is this one. You should definitely check out Laura and her band. You can listen to my favorite song of hers right here.

At this point, I would just like to point out how important it is to see trans representation in music. I’ve been a musician for a while, and when I came out I thought I had to stop making music. I thought that my voice wasn’t right, and that I couldn’t sing anymore. It is because of bands like these that I’ve continued making music. It was so important to me to know that I didn’t have to stop singing. Representation is extremely important, especially for trans people. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great day.

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M is an 18-year-old agender person who lives in Pennsylvania. They about to enter senior year of high school. Their preferred pronouns are they/them. Their favorite things are music, poetry, and dogs. M is an aspiring writer, activist, and psychologist. They look forward to being a part of the TG Forum community, and would love to share their perspective of the world.

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