How To Instantly Look “Put Together”

| Aug 21, 2017

Is there a secret to looking “Put Together.” Yes, of course, but the answer is not mysterious even though few are able to master the techniques. It doesn’t take endless hours perusing fashion magazines or an expensive stylist to look effortlessly chic. Looking put together can be accomplished by having a few key pieces at your fingertips that you can grab in a moment of sheer sartorial panic. So here are a few items to own that will make you feel immediately put together. All would be included in any basic wardrobe list, but do study how they are incorporated into each outfit.

patterned skirtA PATTERNED SKIRT

A bold print or pattern has the power to lift your spirits and your look. All over polka-dots, bright floral prints, and stripes, for example,  are all good examples of mood-boosting prints. Paired with simple basics (a white tee shirt, simple black pumps) and you’ve got a real look.








fitted dress pantsA FITTED DRESS PANT

There are tons of trendy pant styles that I have embraced: track pants, bell bottoms, boyfriend jeans. But there’s nothing more tried and true and appropriate for any occasion than a well fitted dress pant. Yes, like the pair your parents bought you for your first job interview. Get them tailored.








statement earringsSTATEMENT EARRINGS

On the days when you only have the wherewithal to throw on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, a great pair of earrings can make it all feel elevated. It feels so good to have a little weight hanging from your earlobes. It makes me feel like an adult. With a job. Like that scene in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead when Christina Applegate runs down the stairs while putting on her studs.






tweed jacketA TWEED JACKET

Fashion editors save money for an authentic tweed Chanel boucle jacket. Thanks to the chain found trailing the bottom inside seam, the piece is perfectly weighted, ensuring it’s flattering on every body type. Don’t want to shell out for the real thing? Go for something that achieves the same polished effect.






trench coatA TRENCH COAT

There’s a reason Burberry has been producing trench coats since the late 1800s. They’re literally the only thing that can make you look put together when it’s disgusting outside.







walkable high heelA WALKABLE HIGH HEEL

Heels give you confidence level like nothing else can. But careful not to invest In something you can’t walk in though — the worst is a heel too high or too blister-inducing, which winds up underneath your desk collecting dust. Opt for block heels, or something two-­ three inches high.






gold chain link necklaceA GOLD CHAIN LINK NECKLACE

Remember that thing we said earlier about feeling the weight of a good accessory? There are few pieces that accomplish that (and look as classic) as a gold chain. Find a dainty chain and wrap it around your neck multiple times or one that is heavier, and pair it with a classic white button down. Voila. Outfit made.






jeans that fit youJEANS THAT FIT YOU

I’d like to take a minute to pay homage to Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, the QUEEN of being put together without trying too hard. She also had maybe the best denim collection in history. What made her denim great wasn’t that it stuck to one type-sometimes she chose a kick flare, other times she opted for a traditional boot cut. It was that she chose jeans that were flattering and perfectly tailored. I know what you’re thinking: tailor my jeans? MADNESS! But if you find your brand, find your size, give them one wash, and run to your favorite tailor. You won’t be sorry.





double breasted blazerA DOUBLE BREASTED BLAZER

A blazer is a wardrobe staple. If you’re over 20 years old and don’t own a blazer, get off the internet now and go buy one. A double breasted blazer, however, is like the more advanced version of the standard blazer — like the AP version. If you want to have a 4.0 in looking put together, go double-breasted.







brightly colored flatsBRIGHT COLORED FLATS

Wearing all black is an easy habit to fall into. And there’s nothing really wrong with doing that — it’s easy and chic. But what will make you feel a bit more sprightly is opting for a pop of color on your feet in the form of a happy, colorful flat. Extra points if you find a pair with a print, interesting strap situation, or toe cleavage.







grown up watchA GROWN UP WATCH

So you have a phone. Your phone does everything you want it to. It takes photos! It plays music! And yes, it even has a clock! But that clock does not replace the chic factor of having a grown up watch. Said watch doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Look for an affordable one with either a classic metal or authentic leather strap.








adult teeAN ADULT TEE

An adult tee can be just what you need to pull an otherwise stuffy outfit together. Choose one that has a little extra flare: a ribbed tee, a tee with an interesting back seam. . . the one rule: Your. Bra. Can’t. Show








moto jacketA MOTO JACKET

You don’t have to look like a groupie when wearing a leather moto — it’s all in how you style it. Pair it with a knee length dress, silk pant, or maxi skirt to offset the tough, rocker look and you’ll instantly feel buttoned up (but not too buttoned up!). Don’t go for a vintage option if your goal is to achieve a clean look. Go for authentic leather with clean lines.








Instead of carrying around a canvas tote, which undoubtedly has holes in all four bottom corners, or a faux leather hobo which is definitely scratched up or worn out,  a real leather bag says I GOT THIS (why I love my Coach bag). And a top handle bag is extra ladylike, even when worn with boyfriend jeans and a tee.







signature sunglassesSIGNATURE SUNGLASSES

You can find a shape you’re comfortable with, stick to that, and still look snazzy. A signature sunglasses style that says something about your personality is a great way to make you feel confident in your look. A boring outfit suddenly becomes more you when paired with sunnies you’re known for.







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