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| Sep 4, 2017

Dear Mistress Samantha:

I’m an executive that works for a major corporation based in New York City. Traditionally, on Friday nights, the other male executives and I like to stop at a “gentlemen’s club” after work to unwind from a very stressful week. Recently, a woman named Cindy, got promoted to “executive status.” She’s a major pain in the butt, a real “Miss Know It All,” if you get my point!  We really don’t get along, and there’s major friction between us. That being said, I wasn’t very happy when I found out that one of the guys invited Cindy to join us at the Club on Friday night. Although she admitted to us that she’s bisexual, no one really expected her to show up, however, she did!

We all arrived at about the same time, and Brandi, the hostess, sat us at a large table near the stage where the exotic dancers would be performing. We were all drinking and having a great time. Within 30 minutes, Cindy was completely out of control! She was getting lap dances and groping the dancers right in front of us! I was pretty disgusted, so I quickly excused myself. I asked Brandi, the hostess, where my regular dancer was. She proceeded to lead me down the hall to a private room. You see Mistress Samantha, I love to wear bras and panties and have wild sex with my fantasy girl, a dancer named Jasmine. Within a few minutes, Jasmine entered the room and before long we were really going at it! Suddenly the door to my private room opened and there was Cindy! Apparently, she thought she was opening the door to the ladies room, but instead, opened the door to my room! To say she was shocked would be an understatement. However, her look of surprise soon turned into an evil, vicious grin as the bitch quickly reached for her cell phone. Immediately, she started taking a video of me dressed in my lingerie, with Jasmine between my legs, pleasuring me. Then she abruptly left my room laughing hysterically on her way out.

I got dressed as fast as I could! I wanted to leave the Club and go home to my wife. On my way out the front door of the Club Cindy stopped me. She threatened to play the video for my wife unless I complied with her demands. I knew she wasn’t kidding because there was a company picnic in a few months, and she would definitely run into my wife at the event! I was petrified, so I complied with her demands. She started calling me her little bitch, and forced me to come to her house every Wednesday evening after work. She made me get fully dressed up for her, including makeup and long sexy wigs. I became her sex slave and was forced to please her sexually over and over again. It has become totally humiliating! She’s in complete control, and there’s nothing I can do about it. She’s nasty enough to really play that video when she meets my wife at the company picnic! That would end my marriage, and I would be totally devastated. This situation has become a complete nightmare. Mistress Samantha, how do I stop this madness?

 Andy L.

 Reno, NV.

Dear Andy:

You are a silly little bitch that created your own drama. You don’t have the nerve to tell your wife you’re a tranny, so you resort to having sex with an exotic dancer. Brilliant Einstein! Did you ever consider the fact that Jasmine could give you a lovely parting gift that you could pass directly to your wife? Of course not, you’re too self-centered and concerned about your own needs instead of worrying about your wife’s physical safety. That seems to be a common thread that many crossdressers seem to share. They’re wrapped up in their own needs and desires and often leave their partners feeling neglected mentally, physically, and sexually. Sooner or later your relationship will most likely be in serious trouble. Often couples separate temporarily, or permanently break up. Not a good situation, so please take my advice, be sure your partner’s needs are met as well as your own.

Now Andrew, you asked me how you can get out of the mess you created for yourself, correct? You can’t slut! It seems Cindy has you by the short, well-groomed hairs! You’re selfish and reckless actions has forced you to be Cindy’s submissive slave. You made bad choices, and used poor judgement. You’re getting exactly what you deserve! Hopefully, Cindy will get tired of your selfish, boring ass, and move on to her next victim! Until that happens, deal with it tramp!


I’m now accepting new clients for fantasy phone calls, consultations, lifestyle advice, makeup and wardrobe tips, sissy and slave training, forced feminization, and girl talk. Call and inquire about our full line of products and services, including our etiquette, modeling, and beauty school. Call anytime, and feel free to leave a message for me, Head Mistress Samantha. I will be glad to call you back as soon as possible. I’ve been in business for over 18 years, so I totally understand your needs. Call with confidence! Your satisfaction, as well as your privacy, is my number one priority. Names and phone numbers are not sold or shared with others. We never send mailings or catalogs to your home or office! CALL ME NOW! 954-757-0345

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  1. lesleyanne says:

    “You don’t have the nerve to tell your wife you’re a tranny…”

    Putting on my word-police hat: So ‘transvestite’ is verboten but ‘tranny’ is ok?