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| Sep 10, 2018
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We have previously discussed body shapes and figure enhancement. So now standing in front of the mirror with our appropriate padding in place we are ready to dress. Okay, where are we going? What is the weather like? For us, this afternoon, it’s warm and sunny.

What’s proper attire for a causal setting like this?

This afternoon we are going to a BBQ at a friend’s house. There will be people there whom we know and some we don’t. So the choice is casual and sharp at the same time — but still looking casual. The bottom half of the outfit is the most important. The choices are quite numerous. Capris, shorts, capri style or cut off jeans, long pants or skirts. Capris and long pants are easily dealt with. Shorts, not too short, need a top that is long enough to come below your waist for obvious reasons.

I have a couple of things that should be considered when dressing to go out. Number one, feel very comfortable with what you are wearing. Don’t lie too yourself just because you really love the item you have on. Time and place is the watch word. Number two I am going to get into trouble for this. The best way to draw unwanted attention to ones self is to dress like a tart in public. I have mentioned this before, trans folk, when out, should not be noticed. I get a huge amount of satisfaction when I am in a restaurant and the server addresses me as ma’am. This lasts until I open my mouth of course.

There are several reasons why we might get looked at. Your height is one of them. I have several friends that have this problem, so they have to be very careful with their presentation, being with large crowd in public, being dressed inappropriately for the situation or talking too loudly are several reasons how you may get noticed. I am not suggesting one should never have a bit of fun and dress in a manner whereby your Mother might not recognize you. Time and place.

Do you have a pear shaped body?

Now we come to the hard part. Suggesting clothing for ones shape. On a personal level discreet padding or cinching is fine. Don’t forget you may have altered critical sizes. By the way, for our American readers, when shopping online, there are 2.54 centimetres to the inch

There are several good sites on the web which I will discuss in brief .

  1. Fashion Rules @ Who What Wear
  2. How to Choose Good Clothes, steps with pictures — wikiHow.
  3. Five steps to the perfect outfit every time. The Huffington Post, Canada.
  4. How to dress for your body type — wikiHow.

#1. Talks about 7 Style Rules all Timeless Women Follow. The first paragraph makes a very good point in terms of looking good but dressing for “ones” age.

Not appropriate for a dinner party.

#2. To me this is a very useful site. It provides a number of rules to follow which make a lot of sense. The old saying that “rules are made to guide the wise but direct fools,” holds well here.

#3. These sites all have several things in common of course but at the same time approach the problem from a different point of view. They are all worth reading and used to help with clothing selection. I think this one is directed more at the younger or thinner crowd, but useful none-the-less.

#4.  This site is no doubt the best place to start. One must know what the choices are related to size and shape. This is the first thing one has to do.

So you have picked your outfit based upon the weather and where you are going and who you are going with. You take a lot of care with the rest of what you are wearing  to make sure you don’t spoil anything and knock ’em all dead because you look so great.

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