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Time Marches On, But So Does Fun

| Sep 10, 2018 | 1 Reply

Suzzie has been participating in the crossdressing scene since before it was a scene. She’s been dressing up and going out for fun for 75 years. At one point, while attending a get-together at The Tiffany Club in New England she saw someone in a wheelchair dressed in male attire except they wearing a lady’s shirt. She noticed the way the buttons worked. His name was Bill and he was an older man who Suzzie surmised was unable to fully crossdress but still attended the group’s meetings. That was the first time she noticed that time marches on, and one day she might be that person. But even though adjustments had to be made Suzzie is still living the crossdressing life and having fun.

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Suzzie Steps Out

| Jul 16, 2018 | 1 Reply

Today Susan Grant shares her advice, gained through years of experience. Don’t bother trying to “pass” as a woman. It is very hard for some males to do given the physical equipment they have. A wide face, large hands, big Adam’s Apple, all our burdens to camouflage or cover up while seeking feminine perfection. Suzzie advocates that it’s better to perfect your feminine “illusion” rather than trying to “pass” in public. Read on and see if you agree.

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Finocchio’s, Howard Huges, and Pussy Kat

| Jun 18, 2018 | Reply

Susan Grant is one of the lucky ones who got to patronize the legendary Finocchio’s nightclub in San Francisco back in 1958 when men were men and and men were women onstage. She visited the club while she was in the Navy and Finocchio’s was on the Navy’s “Off Limits” list. That only made her want to check it out more. She returned to visit the club 30 years later and found that it no longer the same experience. Today she writes about the club and passes on a juicy bit of information on what may have happened after Howard Hughes visited Finicchio’s.

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I’m Back in the Closet

| May 21, 2018 | 1 Reply

Susan was a mature crossdresser years ago. Which would make her an old crossdresser now. Time takes its toll, and it isn’t easy. But crossdressing never was. Dressing at her age is much like taking an old hi performance car out for a spin. She is cruising along taking it easy with the old machine thinking “this thing is running really well for its age.” Then at a stop light a sleek new Corvette pulls up. The driver and occupant look over, race the engine and giggle. Is that why Susan’s back in the closet?

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Me, Mona, and Leo

| Apr 23, 2018 | Reply

Every few years the theory pops up again that the subject of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting Mona Lisa was actually da Vinci in drag. If not actually da Vinci some claim it was one of his male models decked out in feminine attire. Either way the only supporting evidence is thin. Susan Grant thinks that she may have a deeper insight on the subject. Today she explores it thoroughly and all she asks is that you pay attention to the hands, not that mysterious smile.

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