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Natalie Nicole Dressel is currently a Grad Student in Writing for the Stage and Screen at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, and is also a graduate of Michigan State University with a BFA in theatre. She has 8 years experience doing stand-up comedy and is a graduate of the improv program at Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles. She is proud of her recent appearances on Comedy Central's "Problematic" and Game Show Network's "Divided"; she also is a co-host of the program "We Didn't Start The Podcast", which is currently on iTunes, and is obsessed with Ramen shops.

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Coming Out to My Long-Time Girlfriend (Part 1)

| Jun 11, 2018 | Reply

Today Natalie Nicole begins the story of how she came out to a romantic partner she was with for eight years. They first met when Natalie was 17 and the girl was 11. They were appearing in a play together. She was a weird, precocious little kid and was part of Natalie’s life as a friend till one day she was a grown woman and they became a romantic item. That’s just the start of the story. Read Part 1 of Natalie’s blog to get all the background.

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| May 21, 2018 | Reply

Strange noises in the night. Unexplained incidents in the house. Things not where they should be and something just not right. That’s how Natalie Nicole lived from the age of five till she was in 7th grade. Her mother told her about the weird things that went on in their home. About how her step dad’s arm had a human bite mark on it and about the time an unseen force slammed his head into a wall. it was scary and it was a burden for a child to carry. But, what if, what if those weird happenings never happened? Or if they did maybe there was an explanation? For most of it she only had her mother’s word. Were there an ghosts?

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Was it hard coming out to your family?

| Apr 16, 2018 | Reply

Today Natalie Nicole answers a question she often gets asked. Was it hard coming out to her family? Her answer is a resounding “yes.” Bolstered with a plan on how she would come out to everyone Natalie knew the first step was to come out as herself to her mother. With the help of a supportive sister she took that step in a phone call. That was the last time she spoke with her mother. While her siblings were all okay with her being a woman her mom had a different perspective on the change. Natalie writes about that today.

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Transition on the Down Low

| Mar 19, 2018 | Reply

This post finds Natalie Nicole already starting her transition in the workplace and with friends. Starting HRT began to make changes to her body that were hard to conceal. But she hadn’t told her family about the big change that was underway. Today’s post is all about how she started HRT, came out to some friends and fellow employees and how she navigated the waters of transition while hiding it from her family.

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How does one start transitioning?

| Feb 19, 2018 | Reply

How does one start transitioning? That’s the question our new blogger asks and she then answers it. For her starting transition, while essential to her survival, was a bit awkward. But she dove in head first and today she tells you all about it. Join Natalie Nicole as she takes her first steps on the highway to femininity.

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