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Claire Hall was born and grew up in a large city on the left coast and has spent most of her adult years in a beautiful small coastal community where she's now an elected official in local government after spending many years as a newspaper and radio reporter. In her space time she loves reading, writing fiction (her first novel was published by a regional press a couple of years ago), watching classic Hollywood movies, and walking.

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Ya Gotta Have Friends

| Sep 24, 2018 | 1 Reply

Males and females have been assigned different characteristics by our evolving culture. Men are “supposed” to be stoic, unemotional, problem solvers. Women are “supposed” to be more willing to share things and support their female friends. While guys bury their problems and talk about football and cars, women listen to their friend’s and don’t try to immediately solve their problem. Claire Hall’s post talks about how she has experienced a shift from the stereotypically male approach to friendship and embraced the feminine model of friendship.

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A “Real” Woman?

| Aug 27, 2018 | 1 Reply

Claire Hall has only recently transitioned and for her everything has gone pretty smoothly. One problem she has faced is criticism from people who can’t wrap their heads around the fact that trans women are real women. It’s the old complaints — “He looks like a man in a dress.” “All this person is about is clothes and makeup.” “It takes more than a pair of heels and some lipstick to be a woman.” Claire hits back, in a ladylike manner, in today’s post. Does she seem to take delight in feminine attire? Yes. Because for years she denied herself those clothes and the other things that go with her true gender. Read her post for all of her thoughts on what it is that makes you a real woman.

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Don’t Read The Comments!

| Jul 30, 2018 | Reply

As Claire moves forward into her new life as a woman she is buoyed by support from friends and associates. For the most part her circle has approved of the move she made. But she is also a public official and that means she is open to a wider range of criticism than a private citizen. Her friends said she shouldn’t read the comments on her Facebook page but she did. Was that a good idea? Give her newest blog entry a look.

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Meeting Caitlyn Jenner

| Jul 2, 2018 | Reply

Claire writes today about meeting a controversial figure in the trans community. Caitlyn Jenner. Ms. Jenner arrived in the community when she came out at 64 with no ties to the community. She didn’t even know any transgender people. Then she made several mistakes that opened her up to attacks from some trans community members. Claire was aware of all that when Ms. Jenner came to her area for a college speech. Knowing some would not approve, Claire managed to meet Ms. Jenner and blogs about it today.

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Claire is Out!

| Jun 4, 2018 | Reply

The news is out! Our contributor Claire H. is now officially Claire Hall. She came out publicly in a big way by being featured in an article in The Oregonian. She is out at work and out to family and friends. Today Claire blogs about how it feels to be presenting herself to the world as her authentic self after years of hiding.

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Girl About to Be Born

| May 7, 2018 | Reply

In around twenty nine days Claire will “go public” with her new gender presentation. She is excited to cast off the persona that was holding her down and anxious to enter the waters of women world. She has already come out to a few select people in her life and they are for the most part either supportive or indifferent. One of her female friends remarked that as much as Claire enjoyed the trappings of femininity that wasn’t what makes a woman a woman. Claire thought it over and shares her opinion on that in today’s blog post.

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On Being a 5′ 13″ Trans Woman

| Apr 9, 2018 | 1 Reply

Many trans women are reluctant to express their true selves for many reasons. One reason looms over the others for some. While they may be average height for a male they are taller than the average female. This makes them reluctant to go forth into the world expressing their true gender. They feel that being over six feet (1.8288 meter) tall may draw negative attention to them. Today Claire H. talks about how her 6′ 1″ size made her feel she couldn’t ever be herself. Then she started to find other tall women to provide inspiration. One of them is Tula.

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Countdown to Transition

| Mar 12, 2018 | Reply

Claire just came to terms with her trans nature a short while ago but she has been thinking about it and musing on it and being frustrated by it for many years. Once she made up her mind her road to transition to living as a woman seems to be rushing by under her wheels. Her goal is to say goodbye to her male persona in just a few months. She is preparing her coworkers and her circle of friends and acquaintances that the change is coming. Her blog post today will let you know how it’s going.

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Another Step on the Trans Path

| Feb 12, 2018 | 1 Reply

It’s only been a few months since Claire H. took her first steps toward living as her true self. She finds that as she moves into the future every barrier she saw ahead would dissolve away as she approached. Today she writes that while she had not been expecting to start hormone therapy till April the advocacy of her therapist got her an early appointment with a nurse practitioner and she can begin hormones this week. Will all of the obstacles be as easily overcome?

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The Dam Is Breaking!

| Jan 15, 2018 | Reply

Claire H. though that she could move forward in life dabbling in crossdressing in private and taking out-of-town trips for en femme getaways now and then. During her first session with a therapist she realized that wasn’t going to be enough. Now the dam that has held back her feminine nature for many, many years is cracking. The water inside is starting to pour out and Claire is both excited and scared.

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The Smell of Nail Polish and Polish Remover

| Dec 18, 2017 | 1 Reply

Sometimes in our lives certain memories that we haven’t visited in a long while can come to the fore of our mind when we are poked by a smell or taste associated with those memories. That’s what our newest blogger Claire H. writes about today. As you can guess from the title of her blog she has memories associated with the scent of nail polish and polish remover. Read on to learn what she revisits when she smells those things.

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Goodbye, Maura Pfefferman

| Nov 27, 2017 | 1 Reply

As a lady coming out late in life our newest blogger Claire H. found inspiration and courage in the story of Maura Pfefferman on “Transparent.” The character resonated with her even though she was older than Claire. Thanks to Maura Claire began to move toward expressing her innate femininity. Then, in the swirl of sexual harassment charges leveled against many prominent men, she learned that the actor who so wonderfully portrayed Maura would be leaving the show. Today she expresses her reaction to that.

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Hello, World

| Nov 20, 2017 | 4 Replies

Our newest contributor has come on board at the very last moment. We just got her first blog today. Her name is Claire H. and she is just beginning to explore the world of femininity after hiding her true nature for over fifty years. Today she writes about how she decided that she couldn’t put it off any longer and had to move into creating the identity she had always wanted to express.

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