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| Jun 12, 2017

Dear Mistress Samantha:

I grew up in a household where my mother was the matriarch of the family and made all the decisions. She was the boss, had total control of everything, and that’s just the way it was! Naturally, as I grew up, I learned to be as dominant as my mother, perhaps even more controlling, if that’s even possible! Because I’m really pretty (or so they say) and extremely intelligent, I could say or do anything I wanted to a man. Even so-called “jocks” in high school and college would submit to my lifestyle demands just to have me as their girlfriend. This pattern of having a man fall in love with me, and then forcing them to be my little bitch is what makes me happy. It’s my preferred lifestyle, and that’s never going to change. However, my past relationships have left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting married and having a few kids. I was wondering if you think I could find a man that would be interested in marriage and children that I could force feminize and have him live a life of total servitude? If I had kids, how could they have a normal childhood, and grow up happy and well adjusted? Where can I find a man that is really into the lifestyle, and not just into a fantasy? Please help!


Miami Beach, Fl.

Dear Sandy:

I applaud you for your decision to live the lifestyle that makes you happy. Unfortunately, most people who are into alternative lifestyles don’t have the courage of their convictions! They would rather go through life miserable and frustrated because they’re afraid of the reactions and controversy of their friends and family. Indeed, you will find many men that would be thrilled to be married to a woman like you! It would be a dream come true to find a dominant, forceful woman to start a life with. There are so many “mainstream” men out there that have searched forever to be in a relationship with a truly dominant woman. In the past, these poor guys have been laughed at, rejected, and labeled a freak. Most never had the courage to bring up the subject with a woman they were dating, let alone married to. Indeed, you will have sissies beating down your door (with a garter belt) hoping for the chance to be forced into marriage and a totally submissive lifestyle!

Now, in reference to having well-adjusted children while living the lifestyle, you turned out okay, didn’t you? My only caveat is to be sure that the details of your personal and sexual life remain behind closed doors. There will be plenty of “alone time” you and your future husband will have to live the “forced womanhood” lifestyle. Your children should be on a “need to know basis,” and they don’t need to know!

I suggest you frequent a TV/TS bar in your area. Just “Google” it, and I’m sure you’ll find an establishment in your city that you didn’t even know existed. Before long, you’ll be an old married lady with a submissive sissy “wife,” and a mother to a few beautiful, happy children. Living “the dream,” isn’t that what it’s all about these days! Good luck, and stay in touch!

Until next time, blessings, good health, and great sex!

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Mistress Samantha is a Lifestyle Mistress who has been actively involved in the Transgender/Crossdressing Community for almost twenty years. She started a successful Adult Phone Service over eighteen years ago. Since then, she’s personally advised, guided and fantasized with literally thousands of members of the Crossdressing, Transsexual, and Sissy Communities. Additionally, she’s a well known Advice Columnist for Transformation Magazine, and Forced Womanhood Magazine. She’s also written for several magazines that are no longer in print, such as Enslaved Sissies And Maids, Bizarre Magazine, Screw Magazine, and She-Male International. Mistress Samantha is now accepting new clients for fantasy phone calls, consultations, lifestyle advice, makeup and wardrobe tips, sissy and slave training, forced feminization, and girl talk. Call her now 954-757-0345. Call now and inquire about her full line of products and services, including etiquette, modeling, and beauty school. 954-757-0345. Call anytime, and feel free to leave a message for Head Mistress Samantha. She will glad to call you back as soon as possible. 954-757-0345. Must be 21. Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, Check card, prepaid card, and money orders are accepted. Reasonable rates. Discreet billing. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD.

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