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| May 15, 2017

Dear Mistress Samantha,

Although I’ve been reading your columns for over a year now, I’ve never come across a situation similar to mine. For the most part, everyone that has written to you so far has been a trannie hiding his little secret from his wife, family, or significant other. However, in my case, my wife is the one who has been hiding her little secret from me for the past 6 months.

One day, my wife, Laura, went to visit an adult bookstore. She came across your magazine, and thought the publication was interesting, as well as erotic. She bought a few more issues, and realized that men dressing up like little sissy bitches really turned her on!

Finally, one night we went out to dinner, and after a few drinks she confessed her desire to turn me into her very own sissy slut. At first I thought she was crazy! However, being open minded, and wanting to please her, I decided to give it a try. We’ve been exploring the lifestyle for a few months now, and we love it!

We have some questions, and need some direction. Where can I obtain some female hormones that will make me more feminine? Where can I purchase a good wig? What color would be best, I have light skin and blue eyes. I’m having a problem finding a good makeup base that covers my stubble.

Finally, since I have a rather small penis, what can I do to satisfy my wife. Please advise.

Alex, (now Lexi)

Boca Raton, Fl.

Dear Lexi:

I applaud your wife for trying something new and exciting. Kudos to you for your willingness to give it a try. Let me see what I can do to answer some of your questions.

As I have stated in other columns, traditional female hormones can be dangerous! I would avoid them, as they have horrible side effects for men as well as women. Transvestites who take them looking for a miracle drug to transform them physically,as well as mentally, have had lots of problems, such as testicular cancer. Instead, try the natural approach. Herbs that are quite helpful are dong quai, black cohosh, and wild yam. Start out slowly, and don’t exceed the recommended dosage. The medicinal properties of the herbs are released when the herbs are taken with warm water on an empty stomach. That being said, wait about twenty minutes after you take them to eat or drink anything else. Be sure and check with your Doctor to verify that these herbs will not interfere with any medical condition that you might have, or any medication that you are currently taking.

As far as finding a good wig is concerned, that’s easy. Wig shops are everywhere. You can find them in your neighborhood, or online. The only problem is that you don’t know the quality of the wig you’re purchasing. Sometimes you can buy a nightmare. One of my clients recently told me he paid a lot of money for a wig that became garbage in a few weeks. It got completely tangled, and became so frizzy he said he looked like George Washington!

I suggest you go online to a company that sells hundreds of wigs from various merchants.  (Editor’s Note: At TGF we like The Breast Form Store for wigs and other accessories.) I like Racquel Welch, and Henry Margu sell really good quality wigs on that site. Just be sure and read the customer feedback, and select a color and style that appeals to you. Blond or auburn would be my suggestion with your skin color and blue eyes.

I understand beard cover is a universal problem for those new to dressing up. Female hormones, real or herbal, haven’t had time to kick in yet. Transformation Magazine sells really good Hair Removal Cream. After you have removed as much hair as possible, apply another Transformation product, Beard Retardant Cream. That should slow things up a bit until your hormone profile becomes more feminine from the supplements you’re taking. Your skin will become smoother, less coarse hair will be apparent, and your makeup base will give you good coverage, and a natural look.

To satisfy your wife with something other than your micro penis, buy a large hollow strap-on. Any  adult bookstore should carry them. If you live in a small town, or would rather buy it online, I would suggest Adam & Eve. They have many hollow strap-ons to choose from, as well as many other interesting toys for your mutual pleasure.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me. I carry a large inventory of various items for crossdressers, and I would be glad to put together a really sexy outfit, or suggest a glamorous wig for you. I also have makeup, lingerie, handbags,and slutty heels in larger sizes. If you need assistance call me, Mistress Samantha, at 954-757-0345. Take care, and good luck!

Questions for Ask Mistress Samantha can be mailed to: Mistress Samantha, 8362 Pines Blvd, Suite 433. Pembroke Pines, FL, 33024.

Mistress Samantha is a Lifestyle Mistress who has been actively involved in the Transgender/Crossdressing Community for almost twenty years. She started a successful Adult Phone Service over eighteen years ago. Since then, she’s personally advised, guided and fantasized with literally thousands of members of the Crossdressing, Transsexual, and Sissy Communities. Additionally, she’s a well known Advice Columnist for Transformation Magazine, and Forced Womanhood Magazine. She’s also written for several magazines that are no longer in print, such as Enslaved Sissies And Maids, Bizarre Magazine, Screw Magazine, and She-Male International. Mistress Samantha is now accepting new clients for fantasy phone calls, consultations, lifestyle advice, makeup and wardrobe tips, sissy and slave training, forced feminization, and girl talk. Call her now 954-757-0345. Call now and inquire about her full line of products and services, including etiquette, modeling, and beauty school. 954-757-0345. Call anytime, and feel free to leave a message for Head Mistress Samantha. She will glad to call you back as soon as possible. 954-757-0345. Must be 21. Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, Check card, prepaid card, and money orders are accepted. Reasonable rates. Discreet billing.

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