Accessories Polish an Outfit

| Jun 25, 2018
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By Pauline Estelle with the help of her wife Gail

My name is Pauline Estelle, my wife Gail and I have put together this collection of photos demonstrating how one can improve the appearance of a plain outfit. This is accomplished by adding such things as jewelry, scarves, or jackets, even shoes or boots can change the tone of the outfit. This can be done very inexpensively, by coordinating with the basic outfit. For example both the dresses shown were bought from Walmart for less than $20.00 each. One thing to keep in mind when accessorizing, is to make sure you pick out the colors from your basic outfit and to put them in the accessories in order to pull it all together.

To view Pauline’s slideshow of accessorizing click on the first photo below. It will open to a large size with Pauline’s commentary underneath. To move through the photos use the navigation marks << and >>. When you’ve seen all of the photos click anywhere in the last photo and you will return to this page.

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I was born in England in 1935 and spent fourteen years in British Navy. I married in 1951 and stayed that way for 51 years. My wife gave me 3 sons all now in their fifties, only one knows of my little pecadilo. Four grand children all in or completed University. I emigrated to Canada in 1968. Worked for the oil, gas and power industries until I retired at 66. My first wife died of cancer in 2009. I was introduced to Gail by a mutual friend and we have been together six years and married for three. Gail was aware of my crossdressing before we married and supports it wholeheartedly with some rules. I have to be Paul some of the time, which is fair. I am a Libra and I own it.

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  1. says:

    I love all of your outfits and am jealous of your lovely and feminine appearance. I, too, am a senior crossdresser (79) and am greatful to be able to see some of my peers.