A Sabrina Symington Cartoon

| Mar 6, 2017

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I'm a professional illustrator and graphic novelist. Sometimes I teach karate and voice feminization lessons, and I operate as a founding member of and the lead artist for local Vancouver comics publisher, Zombie Robot Comics. I also really like dinosaurs. Check out my website to see even more of my webcomics and artwork, Or you can also follow me on Twitter @lifeofbria. I'm always happy to connect with other members of our community, so don't be afraid to message me!

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  1. lesleyanne says:

    That’s a great cartoon!

    But the promo: “…the bigot in the host seat is one of those people who believes that men are men and women are women and there’s no changing that.” is a completely wrong analysis.

    1) people who believe “men are men and women are women” are referencing biological sex and its manifestation in gender; the bigot in the cartoon is talking about gender being a product of society, not physiology.

    2) those people who believe GENITALS are determinative are mostly conservative, which would explain the error in interpretation by the promo writer, who no doubt abhors ‘them’ and wants to blame ‘them’ for the bigotry of the female guest.

    3) the actual bigot being interviewed is a feminist, more accurately a “TERF” – Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. We can tell that’s what Sabrina means by looking at the file name of her ‘toon.

    Hmmm, so both conservatives and the trans community in general believe that we are ‘born that way’. Odd bedfellows, indeed!

    And even stranger, feminists and the trans community are both liberal but on this issue are totally at odds.