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Transvocalizers — Miss Guy

| Apr 20, 2009
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“I don’t like being referred to as ‘she’ necessarily,” said Miss Guy, well known DJ and former lead vocalist for the band Toilet Boys. “I’m happy being a pretty boy. I get mistaken for a girl sometimes. More on the street during the day with no make-up on than I do when I’m painted and feeling like I look gorgeous. I definitely have a strong feminine side to me.”

That quote was from a previous interview conducted for TGForum by Ms Bob. The interview was during the band’s heyday, when they were known more for their on-stage antics and pyrotechnics than their music.

The Toilet boys lasted from 1995 until 2003. They disbanded largely because of the Great White deadly club fire. They felt their show just wouldn’t work without the pyro, and probably would have had a hard time finding a venue willing to allow it anymore.

The “classic” line-up of the Toilet Boys was Guy on lead vocals; Rocket, rhythm guitar; Sean, lead guitar; Adam Vomit, bass; and Electric Eddie, drums. Together, they thrashed their was across the U.S and Europe, producing a sound that rock writers used every available adjective to try and describe; glam, thrash, grundge, metal, hard core, etc., etc. To Guy, it was just “…rock and roll. We’re inspired and influenced by so many things that it’s all of what we love rolled into one.”

The original inception of the Toilet Boys is a story in itself. The band’s first gig was at a New York City rock club called Don Hill’s, and was supposed to only be a one night only deal. Guy was inspired to put a band together to fulfill the dream of playing a show with Debbie Harry of Blondie, for just the one night. This was the only intention, but the overall audience response from that first gig was so good, they kept getting asked back by the club owner. This of course lead them to other venues, and within a year, the classic line-up had solidified and they became a serious contender on the New York rock scene.

Their debut album, The Toilet Boys, was released in 1996. This was followed by the single
Mail Itch/Dream Action (1997); Living Like A Millionaire (1998); Go To Hell (1998);
Sinners And Saints (1999); You Got It (split single with The Donnas, 1999); Come And Get It (1999); Space Truckin’/Slow Dancin’ (7 inch single with American Heartbreak, 2000); Toilet Boys (2001); Live In London (2003); The Early Years (2004); and Sex Music, released in 2007, with the songs on this album written and recorded before the band’s final tour. Miss Guy also has a solo album, Take Me To Another World, released this year.

Guy’s background kind of lead naturally into the music world. Guy’s father was a member of the early sixties Southern California band, The Centurions, whose music was given a breath of fresh air as part of the soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino’s movie, Pulp Fiction.

“My Dad tried teaching me guitar and piano when I was 10,” Guy said. “I wasn’t that into it. I wanted to know how to play, but I didn’t want to take the time to learn. I just wanted to know how. So I got frustrated and stopped…wish I had kept it up. I wanted to be the ham in front with nothing but a good outfit.”

It’s safe to say that Guy pretty much got his wish. Besides the Toilet Boys, Guy has done professional make-up work, and has mostly supported himself by as a DJ. Since starting in New York, he has worked in DJ booths in Tokyo, Japan, and Milan, Italy. He has shared DJ duties with well known music biz types such as Boy George, Kelly Osbourne, Benji, Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, and Perry Ferrell, to name a few.

His skill and stage craft as a front man has lead to songwriting opportunities with such heroes of his as Debbie Harry. They collaborated on God Save New York, and also Charm Alarm, for Harry’s solo effort, Necessary Evil. This lead to a co-production credit with Super Buddha for Blondie’s Greatest Hits CD and DVD. Guy also co-wrote Stay Away From Pretty Boys with Boy George.

All of these activities — from professional make-up artistry, to fronting an internationally known band, to DJ-ing and co-writing with some of his musical heroes — have kept Miss Guy on the public radar. But, regardless of all the hoopla, or acclaim, or whatever you want to call it, Miss Guy is still…himself/herself…doesn’t seem to matter, either.

“I’m comfortable with myself,” he said. “I think I look better with make-up on, but sometimes I wash it off and its, ‘Oh, I look better without all that crap.’ I go back and forth. I’m a Gemini.”

I’d like to again acknowledge Ms. Bob and her excellent TGForum interview with Miss Guy. For further information on either Miss Guy or The Toilet Boys please check out the Toilet Boys MySpace page and Miss Guy’s MySpace page.  Search for Miss Guy on YouTube and their music is available through and Cdbaby.)

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