Reply To: Men Attracted to Trans Women


I been attracted to trans-women all my life, of course the porn mags that I found trans-women in the back of didn’t use words like trans. I learned words like Shemale and Tranny. At first is was purely sexual and would often jerk-off to those little advertisment photos that referred to calling a Shemale, Tranny or Chick with a dick. I had a whole magazine of naked females and was getting off looking at those little photos. I would often go through the forum pages of those magazines just to try and find a story of TV, CD or Shemale before I would start from the beginning.

Is it still a sexual attraction today, yes I’m attracted to any beautiful girl and if she happens to be trans, awesome. I would like to date a trans-woman, but it”s highly unlikely. So for now if I’m lucky I can hook-up with a cute CD and at least enjoy the sexual fantasy side of it.