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HI all I am Sean Carey, aka Seanette I am a closeted crossdressing feminine shemale. I am married and No one knows I dress and love sex with Men or other /Sissies/CD’s/Shemales. I so want to COME “OUT” and be dressed and femininzed 24/7 make up nails the whole package. I shave my entire body daily and lotion it , very silky sissy sexy smooth and soft. Luckily I Never really had any hair on my chest or my arm pits. I have sooo many female things… 40 pairs of sissy sexy silk panties, some assless some crotchless, some just so fem. and sexy. 40 pairs of Hanes silk reflection stay up thigh high nylons, 10 pairs of 5 an 6″ strappy sandle style HEELS in red pick black white nude orange.. OHH I LOVE MY HEELS and I can walk like a sexy hooker in them, swaying my ass so smoothly and sexy. I also have 10 dresses all micro mini, and some are skirts , 12 tops/blouses 1 maid outfit in PINK and a sissy sexy school girl outfit. Lots of butt plugs and silicone suction cup cock dildos favorite is a 10″ fat one that vibrates heats up and THRUSTS.. GOD it makes me cum hands free. I have all this pressure on me to Want to be dressed and femininzed and used I can’t stand it. I do fool around but very few and far between I sould really out myself to my wife … but afraid to. I am 5’6″ 145lbs I only act fem or sissy when dressed but I think about cock 24/7 . Any thoughts or Comment will be appreciated. I am in Buffalo/Tonawanda,NY 14150 i suppose one can’t post an email address here can they ?