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Carli SilverCarli Silver

Hello sweeties! My name is Carli and I am sooo excited to have found this forum. I have been an active CD/TV for 40 years and am now retired living in the tropics. It was exhilarating to “shed my skin” and finally shave my entire body and begin living as Carli on a regular basis. I love the thrill of going out shopping and to restaurants and watching the boys heads still turn for an old dame. I go everywhere en femme and even though I am super tall I wear it proud and strut my long legs. My journey has been so exciting…it began on a Halloween when I was 28- I was in the theatre and let the hair, makeup and costume dept get me dolled up like a slutty blonde fuckdoll. When I went to the party the boys were like busy little bees and when we went to the dance club I unleashed my feminine side and discovered “Carli” was a very sexy girl…I had my pick of the litter and no-one knew my little secret until a very sexy man peel away the layers and discovered my surprise…you cannot believe how delighted I was that he was delighted to reveal my nudity and savor every last inch of my body as I worshipped his masculine physique…he rocked my world until dawn and it was then that I let go of my fear and shame and began to work on my hair, makeup and outfits on a regular basis until my drawers and closets were overflowing with bras and panties and lingerie, dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes…and many wigs. This morning I am starting my day in my bra and panties trying to decide what to do today…but I know it will involve me putting on something sexy and embracing the excitement of those unexpected encounters with other men and women. I hope I can find friends here to share my experiences with. Stay smoochy! Carli