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Hello,I am Tricia and I am a pre op transsexual.I knew when I was something not right with me at age 4 or 5.Age 13,knew inside I was transgender finally.Tried to fit in as one of the boys and never worked.I remember times trying on my mom’s dresses when my parents were gone and that is knew I was a girl from the inside.It was in January of 2000 at the age of 21 that I finally did come out.It was not easy at all.My parents,it took them a month coming to terms I was transgender.Decided to transition and that is when my parents decided to support me.Transitioned for 2 years deciding not to have the GRS.Knee I was happy finally and there would be regrets if I ever had the GRS afterwords.Did have the breast augmentation and trachea shave at age 22.I have a great husband that loves me for who I am,knows it my body and choices he cannot make for me.He has always liked pre op transsexual women and sees me as a woman.