Reply To: Hey! I’m New Here!


“I’m also new, based in Maryland but get up to PA often. Been closeted for a long time now, but really don’t have anyone I know in the community to help me get out and accept myself, and get to events and have that confidence. I know I’m close but if any gals or understanding guys would be willing to reach out I’d appreciate it. xoxoxo ? <3”

Hi, Katrina! I hope you’re day’s been going great!:) I’ve only been that far East once in my life, but–oh!–are the forests out there gorgeous!!! Talk about a great birthplace for beautiful things (and people)! 😉

Yeah, I hear you about getting out & meeting people. It took me a couple of months to get “the look” down (I’d been sculpting that since age 12), but getting my voice consistent with my bod was a whole other story! lol *cue squawking bird sounds* Now I feel just fine in public–but like you say, it takes some figuring out to work with a lot of people’s expectations. (And, oh, is it so worth the efforts! Yeow! Haha! 😀 )

It sounds like you’d like some outreach? Anything in particular, or just friends in general?