Reply To: Hey! I’m New Here!


“J.K Rowling was right guys. There are 2 genders, and you cant choose. As simple as that, stop hating on her for telling the truth, it is stupid.”

Hi, Jens_Larsen, I have two questions for you:

1) what if society agrees with you and rejects you as your birth gender? Do you throw in the towel & just exist as a loser wishing for a life that never was until you die? (I mean, you don’t want to be male & they don’t want you as a male, so…how would choosing your dream be “stupid”?)

2) why come on this of all possible Internet pages if you’re trying to blow out the candles that are some people’s lifelong dreams? (I’ve got to believe you have many better things to do with your time, unless you’re a contemptible @$$hole who simply likes to wander around picking fights–but I’m willing to bet you’re not one of those, because your tone is civil & your diction is intelligent.) <3