Reply To: General Discussion of Transgender Issues


I don’t use Facebook and Twitter soo… I just want you to know how sick it is, that you are threatening an innocent woman. What did she do wrong? You want us to accept you, but you will not accept that we do not aggree with your point of view. Even when we try to be nice, it’s not good enough. Example: if a man changes to woman, and we try our best to accept, but without thinking about it state that you feel like a women, you will get mad and shout that you ARE a woman. But by biological facts you are not. Accept you are a man, that likes woman stuff, instead of trying to be something you are not. If I can be whatever I feel, could I then tomorrow go to a waterpark, walk in to the womens changingroom, and say you must accept I am looking at your boobs, because today I am a woman? xD