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Hello all I’m Christy 42 yo
I grew up in a single mother home the youngest of 4 and the only boy.
It started with my sister’s playing dress up with at an early age there are even old pictures of me dressed up in a pretty little dress with pig tails and bows in my hair.
So basically for the most part, I was groomed as a female early on.

Being around all females all the time I developed a deep appreciation for the female body and have always kept my body as feminine as possible.
Through high-school I tried to keep it hidden because once my sister had a friend over that promised she wouldn’t tell anyone about my lifestyle but ultimately she did and I got picked on beat up and bullied by both boys and girls. So I ended having to be home schooled my sophomore through senior years, my mother was so supportive of me and her and my sisters and I would have a lot of fun shopping and picking out clothes for each other and shared a lot of clothes, I got tons of hand me downs LOL

College life was a lot easier for me people were a lot more receptive to the most part but since my high school drama I kept it on the downlow for a couple years and only my closest friends knew and accepted me and were supportive.

Eventually with encouragement from my friends and family I started being me more and more in public and around campus and became more and more accepted and became quite popular around campus.
All the girls were supportive and enjoyed helping me with my hair and makeup
Both girls and guys were taking notice of me and college is where I lost my virginity LOL twice.
I dated both guys and girls off and on.
Even though I prefer physically being a female I prefer to stay bisexual I can have the best of both worlds.
I eventually married my best friend and most supportive person in my life.
She was always there for me through thick and thin and encouraged to be who I was.
We had the most amazingly beautiful wedding.
Both dressed in matching wedding dresses and our closest friends were our maids of honor.
Since I didn’t have a father to walk me down the isle.

Sheri’s (my wife) father walked us both down the at the same time arm and arm it was so beautiful not a dry eye in the place including me.
Yes I said she, a bisexual beautiful woman and the love of my life and best friend.

I’ve had breast implants and a few other things, nose job and some facial work done.
No plans for full op.