Reply To: General Discussion of Transgender Issues


I’m day 3 into my hrt (monotherapy) and I found out today that I can’t take estradiol 2mg sublingually because it gives me severe heart palpitations. I get these palpitations about a half an hour after I take it and they last for about an hour. It also puts my Blood Pressure in the range where I am at risk of having a stroke or heart attack. Today it got so bad that I ended up going to the ER. They told me I was having a bad reaction to the estradiol and to stop it immediately and contact my doctor at planned parenthood.

This is my second go around with this. The first time I was taking 100mg spiro with 2mg estradiol sublingually. That time I had to stay the night in the hospital because they couldn’t bring my heart rate and blood pressure down. I also had covid at the time so it all got blamed on covid and I was told I had to wait to take hrt until I got my bp sorted out.

I got my bp sorted out (I’m on new BP meds, Lisinopril which is why I dropped Spiro) and I’ve been exercising every day. Apparently, it’s the estradiol pills I’m having a problem with.

Am I going to have to give up on HRT? Or is there another form of treatment I can take that wont be so hard on my heart?