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@CDZeynep I had a similar problem that helped break up my first marriage. She had trouble accepting my CD, as well as a host of other things she lied about. Early in the marriage, I compromised by scheduling one day a week for me to be Gwen. It was a specific day where I knew she would be elsewhere on the majority of the day. She then proceeded to schedule me to accompany her on that day as my male self. Eventually I started to break down and wore more feminine clothing on that day anyway. I suspect that was the start of the breakup.

Be careful. You may be able to negotiate some time with your feminine self on a weekly or other basis. If she is truly against it, you may need to find someone else for your own sanity. I wish I had better ideas, but the best I can give is to block time for your girl side, and depending on accepting she truly is, suggest she not be there on the scheduled times.