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I’m Krissi and i am new to this forum but not new to crossdressing although i believe my being the sole survivor if a firefight in Iraq in 2007 (three of my strike team members were killed and our Lt. took his own life 16 month later) brought me out of the closet since i’m living on borrowed time (i should have died that day too. i might as well live it on my terms. i’m the drummer and chief song writer for a ptsd therapy band “Me In Disguise” and veterans advocate i also host a syndicated hard/metal radio show “The Radio TakeOver Weekly Top 2o CountDown” and have escorted far to many of our fallen to they’re final resting place in lue of family who cant be there or cant be found. i recently did a comedy tour at vfw halls to raise funds for the halls and the national fvw and will be doing another “Chris Chasse~do what you want to the girl but leave me alone 2023” starting in feb 2023.