Reply To: Men Attracted to Trans Women


I write from Italy, where transsexual prostitution (on roads or in flat with appointment) is very high. It’s because the Italians, despite their “virility”, love sexual intercourse with transsexuals, especially passive. To reply to your question, I don’t know why they are sexually attracted to transsexuals.

By now the genre is dissolving (especially among young people) and also several men like to be passive, not recognizing themselves gay, they willingly become penetrated by a transsexual.

Personally, I love transsexual girls, not only for sex, but because they generally express a more feminine contact than a woman. Living in the world of the middle, a trans girl can better understand men and on the other side a man, if he erases prejudices and preconceptions, can understand her and find an excellent lover, with who to share life.

Unfortunately, in society (here in Italy) a transsexual girl is much more prejudicial than a gay or lesbian, there are still many taboos in daily work and in life. This leads her to undertake prostitution to live, or hide, with family. I live alone, and I would love to have a relationship with a transsexual girl, I would protect her from the problems (dangers) that I described above. But it’s not easy, the environment of the transsexual girls here is (rightly) very closed.