Reply To: Crossdresser Corner


Hi Bille. I’ve only recently become aware of living my life with a very female mind, thanks to sessions with a psychologist. So many things in my life up to that point started to make sense. Since accepting that I’m really a woman, I have an overwhelming desire to announce myself to the world. I haven’t yet been brave enough to go through with it though, mostly because of where I live. I have however made some changes that go part way to coming out. I wear nail polish almost 24×7 now. I wear stocking rather than socks when I’m wearing long pants. I almost aways wear a bra and gaff panties. I’m also growing my hair long, something I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t because of peer pressure. I spent very close to 100% of my time at home as a woman and it makes me feel so good that I can cope with not coming out in public. I love that I am now allowed to “work from home”, which means I can make myself up properly.
While I have come out to my wife, I haven’t come out to my family. The only time I’m dressed fully in male clothing is when I’m with my grandchildren. I love them so much that it doesn’t bother me to pretend to be a man for them.