Reply To: Men Attracted to Trans Women


I am a masculine man attracted to trans women, or a trans attracted man.
I like MTF girls, typically close to my age.
I’ve dated TGirls and Genetic Girls, or, CIS Women if you will concurrently for almost 20 years.
What I’ve discovered? They both are women.
And I like them equally.
Okay, maybe TGirls are a little more equaler……?
It’s not based entirely on preference, at the end of the day you are dealing with a person, and it’s always amazing to me that you can meet someone who can shake your world and give you a new viewpoint about things that maybe you thought weren’t for you as I have recently with a Tgirl that I met online.
She’s gotten me thinking in ways I thought I was rigid about, but, my mind was open and summarily blown.
It can be tough being a male admirer, we have to compete with beautiful T Girls and that’s always tough.
So, girls, we admirers are not all idiots.
And admirers, remember the person, that T girl is a human being that deserves to be treated as such.
Treat them with the respect you’d give to your mother or daughter.
And, if you do? You will probably get a date.