Reply To: Transgender Transition


Hold on to your fascinator.
I’ve just joined TGForums to encourage everyone to ‘come out’ as soon as possible.
In short, I have just had a massive blunder occur from delaying ‘coming out’.
I have a well enough defined transitioned body and I callled, yes called, my breasts my teddies.
Combined with a bilateral orchidectomy, I have been asymptomatic of all the contingent horrors that can occur, and occurred, in the previous decades before my surgery.
But to my point.
Due to circumstances it was favourable to move onto my sister’s 85 acre property.
But I am not out to my sister and her family, only being in contact with her through the internet for too long to remember.
So what’s the proble.
I was freaking out about being ‘outed’
So I went to my GP and advised him I was having issues with my breasts, which are the most revealing factor.
Long story short, in my heighened state of dysphoria, and this doesn’t end well, I was diagnosed with gynomastia, and underwent a double mastectomy.
Needless to say I am pursuing all avenues to address the complete and total disregard for my transition history.
Why would I transistion for twenty years and then remove the best jewels earned from all that work?
The solution would have been to ‘come out’ to my sister and her family.
I have now a lot harder task to explaim these horrendous and horrible scars and my pectorial oddities.
The moral: Don’t wait to come out.
Take it from me, there sill be an authentic point of womanhood which can be taken from you if you have not fortified your position. .