Reply To: General Discussion of Transgender Issues


So this isn’t exactly a transgender issue per se, but… Well, I was wondering way back when I first came around here, and I was just wondering about it now: Why is this forum so small? I mean, when I started looking for a transgender related forum, I’m pretty sure I had a hard time finding any at all. And this is literally the smallest forum I’ve ever seen.

It really makes no sense to me because, while I don’t have even a remotely good idea of how many trans people there actually are, with how much trans gender people and trans related issues are talked about, I would think there would be at least one forum, if not many, where thousands or tens of thousands (or way more even) trans people would be flocking to on the internet. I mean the internet is, in one sense, one of the greatest safe havens for people dealing with any manner of personal issues or problems; due to the anonymity the internet provides, coupled with its inherent capability to bring together people from all over the world, any major group of people SHOULD be able to assemble together massively.