Reply To: Trans and Autistic?

Tinalynn AnnTinalynn Ann

Hi to all my brother and sisters ,,
I’m Tinalynn and I was born with Asperger’s Syndrome,
I was disguised with it about 15 years ago.
And doing my best to cope with it ,,having few persons I work around
including one security guard that is a father of Autistic child make a lot easier
my biggest hurdle has to be being able to communication a specially comes to
looking back as teen I think that was why I had a hard time asking girls out
for dates and also why I got turned down so much because the subconscious
habits I had that others feel uncomfortable to be around me.
And recently I learned that medicare and medicaid will not consulting
to help me deal with this.
so I’m left what am-I to do.
for the most I have to go alone with my transitioning with any support
from my family.
And now looks like I have to go along with coping my Asperger’s.