Reply To: Transgender Transition


I always think we have to remember what we are. We are a relatively rare breed, men are not usually socialized to be attracted to us. Some of them find us unattractive and some may like us but are embarrassed to be seen with us. And apropos your comment, I think that many are afraid to get into a relationship with a transgendered woman who has not yet fully transitioned. A guy once asked me if I was going to do the whole route, with hormones, surgeries, etc. And when I told him “No,” he said that was a big relief because he wanted to date me, but didn’t want to go through all that transition stuff with anyone and was afraid of having someone hitting him up for financial support through the process. Think about it: Why would the average guy let us make his whole life about our transition, if the goal is to become a woman. Why not just date a cis woman? That’s why I decided long ago not to transition. I feel more special because I have something cis women do not have.