Reply To: Transgender People of Faith


Hi Thom,

We seem to be of similar outlooks in many ways. I may fall into the category of the question you are asking.

Speaking only for myself, in the last few years I have increasingly expressed my admiration of feminine characteristics within the parameters of the physical and emotional hand I have been dealt.

I’ve encountered very little resistance to this up to now, even among more traditionally minded individuals and groups. Women in particular have often been very supportive and encouraging.

In doing so, I have made a point to respect others and not force myself upon them, and show myself to be a confident, dignified, approachable human being.

(I refrain from political conversations, since they are simply unproductive, as we’ve all learned in the last year.)

There’s a scene in the Indiana Jones movie “The Last Crusade” where one of the characters asks Dr, Jones why he is seeking the Holy Grail – is the good doctor doing so for God’s glory, or for his own glory?

That stayed with me long afterward. That may be one example of self-denial…making sure that what one does is meant to glorify God, and not oneself.

It seems to me that there has to be a purpose to all this, beyond me being able to say “hey world, look at me out in public wearing a dress – aren’t I something?”

I think that’s why I became more active in my church – to make sure I was putting my feminine aspects toward the service of others, before myself.

I hope it’s all ultimately helped to make me a more integrated human being. I’m trying to get better about letting God do the judging.