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I’m new here. I’ve not been crossdressing for very long. Since my wife went through the menopause she has not been interested in any form of sexual relations. As don’t want an affair, after a few months I suggested that I might be interested in trying a bit of dressing up – my first conversation with her was along the lines of i might paint my toenails & wear knickers. To my astonishment she was VERY supportive. Her attitude was “I’m not providing you with what you want but I’ll support you in any way I can”.
The next day she went out & bought me a couple of skirts & tops!
Since then I’ve got a complete wardrobe (with my wife’s help)
Crossdressing has been curtailed because of Covid – my son works from home but is certainly aware of my dressing since I’m permanently in stockings , suspenders & heels (under jeans as I’ve not yet worked up the courage to wear a skirt or dress. in front of him) plus size 11 heels lying around might be a bit of a clue when he asked my wife about them & she casually said “Oh they are your Dads”.
Before Covid I’d dress fully while he was at work (breastforms , wig & makeup (with my wife’s help)) but since he’s been at home I’ve not plucked up the courage.
Interestingly my wife & I have had a few make-out sessions when I’ve been totally dressed up..

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