Reply To: General Discussion of Transgender Issues


My first post here, so I’m not really sure it’s the right place to post it.
If not, feel free to tell me, and I’ll remove it and post it in the right channel.
So, I’m 21 and I’m from France. I came here because since autumn 2019, I’ve been questioning myself about my gender identity. Actually I’ve been wondering how life would be as a female for years, but that was all, because I thought since I was born a male I’d be a male and that’s all. I didn’t think at all of transitioning or being a female for real.
But then one of my Facebook friends transitioned and her Transition made me reflect. It was possible to become a female from a male body. I searched it on the web andi began to think that could be my case too.
But maybe I did things too fast, because a few days after I actually outed myself to my family (they didn’t take it well, I can assure you !) I decided to go back. I wasn’t ready I hadn’t done anything yet so it wasn’t too hard.
And I spent maybe 6 months, until summer 2020 without thinking of it.
Then it came back. Briefly first. Then more and more remnant. And now, i feel like I might not belong in male gender again. I don’t like my body these days. I feel wrong in the ways I should act, react.
I’m still not ready to go through a transition, I’m not even sure I would be happy in a female body. I’ve never experienced female life so it’s difficult to judge.
Crossdressing would be an interesting experience but there are two problems right now. First, I’m as shy as it’s possible, and afraid of the look of the others. Being recognized in the streets in clothes an other gender would probably shame me to death !!!
Second is that right now I don’t look very feminine. my body is too hairy. My shoulders too large. I try rectifying the hair part, but not too fast, so it’s not too obvious (I know some close members of my family are not really open to these issues).
Well, so before talking about transition, I’d like to talk with people that feel like me, like (i think the term for it is “an egg”). Or have been in my case. How do they feel, how did they feel ? What did they do ?
Thanks, and since it’s currently 10PM here when I’m writing these lines, good night.