Reply To: General Discussion of Transgender Issues


Hi All,

I am new here, wanted to say “hi.” It looks like I have a similar story to many here. I’ve had these feelings since before puberty. Culture and the times didn’t permit any kind of expression of this. But in the last 12 months things have come together in a way I never thought would be possible. So, now in my 50s, I started HRT one week ago. I had considered myself a crossdresser but I think I was always Trans but circumstances didn’t let me recognize or acknowldge that.

For now COVID has me working at home and I’ve been able to live 24hrs as a female. I’ve taken my clothes and shoes out of their hiding places and have then nicely hung and arranged in my closet. I now feel comfortable leaving my makeup in the bathroom instead of the bottom drawer of my dresser. And I like comfortable and practical clothes and shoes rather than trying to look sexy all the time. I love my wedge heels because I can spend all day in them in comfort.

As a male I hated shaving, was messy and careless about dressing. As a female I love shaving my legs. One thing that I worry is kind of trivial is that the first time I used my breast forms with adhesive it was like a different experience. They moved with me rather than the bra, like they were a part of me. I wore a strapless dress without bra and spent the day like that and I had a strange feeling of…I don’t know. It felt right, the body even more than the makeup. At that moment I realized, this is who I am. Scary but thrilling.