Reply To: Trans Impact on Socialization


I can’t say I really relate to anything that anyone has said so far on this topic, but I am the 5th child of 8 in my family and the gender roles were well established. Although, I did have trouble with this mentally. I was constantly drawn to less masculine activities and constantly punished myself for having thoughts that might betray me to the rest of my family.

My teenage years were very confusing. I would try on women’s clothing, find myself attracted to other boys and unable to imagine myself with them as a male. I was also deathly afraid of the consequences if I had come out to my parents, as well as the possible social ridicule that would definitely have gone with it in the early 80’s.

Because this feeling was so persistent in my life, after two marriages and two children, I realized I needed to figure it out or I would never be happy. At the age of 34, I started the most serious sexual discovery in my life. I finally had it figured out by 2008 (4 years later) and started dressing full time by 2015.

I don’t know what it’s like to go through the early stages of transition now, but I do know it’s important to be sure of yourself and never conform to social pressures. Be who you are no matter what. You’ll be much happier in life.