Reply To: Crossdresser Corner


I’ve heard of TG Forum years before, recently found it. With all that’s been going on, working from home, all other activities curtained, may as well really get into makeup. Not really good idea to go and get a makeover at a place and no mask, so some trial and error I think I’m getting it. Been dressing for long time (decades!) but on and off. However been doing it lot more.

I have been out few times, nothing spectacular. However, it seems there’s an explosion of websites, social media, and many of the traditional sites have slowed down. I find many of the new sites are very complicated (the languate, the terms, definitions quite complex and interpretive), you really should know where you fit in or will get the wrath. I believe this CD corner is the place for me, I have no intention of changing my sex, I just find wearing beautiful dresses and the stuff that goes with it pleasurable and therapeutic especially in these most depressing times.