Reply To: General Discussion of Transgender Issues



Something I am very interested in is transitioning, mentally. I read “in a different voice” by Carol Gilligan about the differences in language use that she observed interviewing men and women (cis). I’m still reading “women’s ways of knowing” which is based on a survey also.

My attempts to discuss this with trans women on twitter and another forum did not go well, to put it mildly. There is the idea that we “are women”, which is certainly true in a sense, and there are groups focused on discriminating about transgender people who’s terminology is everywhere.

But, for me, I am “in transition”. I am “becoming a woman”. What I did not find from any fellow trans I am finding in odd places. For example, on youtube, there is a woman who’s channel is about “femininity” and “home making”. The overall message is deeply sexist, I think it is fair to say. But, she does address the concept that there is “the feminine” and it is learned and inherent but needing to be discovered.

Anyway, if anyone knows what I’m talking about, the person is Cynthia L on youtube and I recommend watching some of her videos.

I would love to hear from others who haven’t just snapped their fingers and become a woman, but who have transitioning as a plan.