Reply To: Transgender Transition


Well, more and more since I turned 50 I was obsessed with having to get into my Tzoi mode. Ever since I was raped in the Army in 1986 my sort of bi-polar feelings of being torn between a man or a woman really became noticeable. Prior to that I did ever since very young prefer to be around women; never liked men much. I was not into dolls or that, but did have an infatuation with makeup and loved to watch women smoke for some really odd reason I will never know? In the Army I had all kinda of injuries besides MST. The Sergeant that raped me shoved me out of an airplane when I was sleeping and I was hit in the face by the plane on the way out and hit Earth at about 350 MPH causing multiple hernias. I had four surgeries. I also was stabbed with a bayonet through the top of my Achilles tendon down the back of it and into my heel all 6 inches of blade. The Medics left a wad of medical packing under the tendon which became a solid golf ball like cyst over time making it impossible to walk on my left leg for almost 4 years. Finally PT & I “popped” the cyst. Unfortunately this caused an internal fungal infection that mainly stays in my left leg and left kidney. This deep seated fungal infection is in my bone marrow even. And about 2-3 times each year causes Cellulitis in my foot/ankle/lower leg and occasionally infects my scrotum causing one or the other testicle to swell to the size of a Kona Avocado and look identical as one. Massive painful swelling called Hydrocele & Orchitis. Many times I was told they might have to amputate my hanging parts and I had better get to know my dress size ( which I already knew ) The Department of Veterans Affairs will NOT treat any of my Military injuries nor this now chronic infection because they say that would aid & abet Claims for Service Connected Disabilities which the VA then would have to pay me a pension for. Its odd they say this when I do get 20% SCD for my nose, one knee, and the scar caused by the bayonet wound? But they will not treat. So recently since COVID my Cellulitis returned. I went to ER they gave me a Prescription but I have no money to fill it. I begged the VA to mail me the Antibiotics and Oral Antifungal. The VA thought hey, if we ignore dude he will die and we can be done with him. I filed criminal charges against three VA workers. The VA retaliated by sending Secret Service into my place. But the VA plan backfired. The Secret Service upon seeing my condition sent a medical team to me. So now its a battle between the VA and FBI/SS. Meanwhile back on the farm I still have no medication. The medical team could only give me a massive shot of antibiotics; they can not fill a prescription. So to save my life I talked to KIND Clinic and said I need my scrotum hanging parts amputated. To do this I have to be on HRT first, then they can cut things off. I would Blog this and even YouTube & Twitch it if not for my electronic devices are all dead from my elbow knocking over a water pitcher. The ONLY electronic thing I have now is a laptop I found in the dumpster and put Linux on it. Something is wrong with the Motherboard so it crashes every couple minutes. Very hard to type fast enough to post here for instance. If anyone is in the Austin Texas area or can mail any old computer with a camera ( this broken R400 Thinkpad has no camera ) I can make just about anything work. I have quite a story to tell and want to share with Y’all in the hopes it may help with your own decision to move forward.
At this point other than this infection I have to cope with for now, I have no regrets. I wish I had done this immediately when I first felt inclined to do the HRT. I am 56 now and feel a little uglier than I used to be. However my ideas on Gender have hardly any bearing on my Sexual Orientation where I guess its more common to have them united. I have always loved the woman’s world. I never liked the man’s world though I lived it to the most extreme; SOCOM Army Ranger, Commercial Diver, Electrical Power Lineman/Cable Splicer ( Trouble/Transmission ), Professional Motocross Racer, Cyber Efficacy Engineer, Punk Rocker, etc… Soon after I started the HRT the only noticeable changes in my mind so far are I put on weight around the belly fast. My breasts are forming incredibly fast. I get a slight odd taste in my mouth. And NOT as infatuated with makeup which is funny to me. I do go and fondle my makeup, and make a shopping list but not as quick to glob it all on then fight to get it all off. I am more laid back on all that now figuring its all part of the package and use it all as needed whenever. I would love to keep Y’all abreast on things with live feeds and whatnot. But like I mentioned I am screwed at the moment. Long story short on my financial thing is I was fired in Hawaii a year ago March, put on an airplane the following morning by the CEO to be dumped in Shreveport Louisiana. My belongings were reduced to a 5’x5’x5′ crate and shipped to Shreveport where it all still remains to this day in a storage unit. The Vet Center in Shreveport told me to go to Texas or I will die in Louisiana. So I grabbed a laptop a guitar and a backpack and headed for Austin Texas. I got an apartment and fell ill. Then COVID-19 lockdown. I am in a 2bdrm apartment now that HUD is paying the rent portion, my $270 a month income does all the other bills and needs. Its like I am financially incarcerated in this place. I use a door I took off the hinges for a bed. No furniture in here at all. I brought in a wood pallet to make a table with; I need legs for it. After bills are paid I have about $20 a month to work with for soap and cleaning supplies. Thoughts of getting my things 400 miles away in Shreveport are dimming. The one and only local person in Austin I could even talk to on chat just this morning told me she has to go to a COVID Hotel for Quarantine. I am borderline depressed. I would like to leave my phone number ( Google Voice )( I have no phone or communications devices left but an old trash R400 laptop ) but unsure if that is cool here on this forum. So long as this machine stays up online I have Slack, Telegram, Hangouts, G Voice, Discord, Skype, etc… my email ought to not be an issue I hope . I had some trouble at first figuring out how to reply here in this Forum. I will stay as active here as possible. Ask me ANYTHING. If I can be of any help it would help me to feel like I am worth something more than food for mosquitoes & bugs. Aloha Georg Curnutt/Tzoi Fuchsia