Reply To: Dating While Transgender



Well, I think I will get this out, because there is not a place in these forums sepcifically for talk about sexual topics, and this topic sounds the closest to it, but I figured I would get this out to people who at the very least will understand.

I am 52 years old, and I figured out I was trans in 2011, and came out late in 2014. It has been interesting doing this in conservative SE Wyoming, but I have generally been treated well.

On the subject of dating, I wish I had the problems Carla describes. Sounds like she has/had one strong steady relationship, and the guy just has to be reminded that the job, combined with DA VIRUSTH just wreaked havok on the relationship for a bit.

In my case, up until about 2018, I had a series of one night stands, where I would meet a man on Craigslist, get together, have sex, and maybe perhaps I would see him again, and we would do it all over. However, it seemed to work.

My situation is, I am a pre-op trans person, and I will always be so. I can not go into a transition because of my health conditions. However, I also enjoy sex, and my mind feels that it is a woman, so …

I have determined that I have develiped basically an auto-erotic fetish, where while having sex, I imagine myself as a woman, while a man is having intercourse with me, and Iuse my own genitals as the man. The female portion of sex is almost purely in my mind,except for my panties, which I wear during sex.

Even at the age of 52, the orgasms are in a range from having to struggle to get there, to being mond-blowingly stupendous. I think perhaps the biggest thing I enjoy is the near complete loss of power and control that I feel when I envision myself as the woman during sex. I am a submissive, and a bottom, and I accept this.

The issue I had was not being able to tell anyone, or talk to anyone about this.