Reply To: How Do You Know if You Are Trans?


Dear River,

It is up to you to define yourself. A professional counselor can help, but in the
end, YOU tell us how you feel you are. If straight-up GAY describes you, then claim it.
If you feel you are non-binary, claim that, and be happy.

I will point out that some trans people get a bit defensive about what exactly it means
to be trans. You have to be in some way transitioning from one gender expression to another. Seems kinda exclusionary, but we now have 53 or 56 genders, and they all fit
under LGBTQ+, so whatever.

In my own case, I feel I am transgender, because although I can not make the transition because of health reasons, I feel like my mind is that of a woman, I dress as a woman, and I play the role of the woman during sex. I would transition, if I could do so.

I hope, at the end, you find happiness. That is what is important.