Reply To: Crossdresser Corner


Hello girls, I’m new to the tgforum. Let me tell you about myself.
Well I’m 60 and unfortunately due to my wife’s none acceptance I’m very much in the the closet. I’ve been dressing in secret since my early teens. It all started with lipstick and make-up moving onto clothes, shoes and wigs later on. Back in my teens I thought I was a freak, I hated the way I looked (body dysmorphia) and putting on make-up was a way of hiding my ugly face. It wasn’t until later I discovered cd/tv /tg magazine’s that I knew I wasn’t the only one. Then boom… The Internet. And OMG.
I’ve tried at least three times to stop (purge) during one of them I met and married, had three kids. That purge lasted about 15 years. Yep 15 years. But as we all know crossdressing never leaves you. So I’m here now at 60 married to an unsupportive wife and a bi sub crossdresser looking for others to chat with.