Reply To: General Discussion of Transgender Issues


Sounds like you are going through MANY of the same conflicts that other trans folks have gone through. Perhaps some professional help is needed to sort through what’’s on your mind. When faced with a number of issues at once, it can seem like they are of equal importance, but they may not be. Understanding and prioritizing these issues is where a good therapist who is knowledgeable about gender issues comes in. But, know that figuring out where things sit for you and how this may, or may not, have direct bearing on the rest of your life and relationships is something that needs to be understood. If not, one can be stuck at an impasse.

One general thing to point out is that gender fluidity is not a conscious thing from my understanding. It is an unconscious process. Something happens to cause someone to go forward from a feminine perspective at some point in time. At another point in time, something else happens and they go from a female perspective to a male perspective. Currently I don’t know if anyone can say with any certainty what brings this on. In my layman’s mind, it may not be dissimilar to multiple personalities. Mental health professionals don’t exactly know what causes those shifts either. They just happen. Presumably there is a reason, but it hasn’t been clearly discovered. Note that I’m not saying that these situations are equivalent, just that they happen unpredictably and without conscious thought.