Reply To: How Do You Know if You Are Trans?


Hey. I have had years of the same issue. I build up to being convinced I am Trans and then ‘bang’..back to being sterotypical male in a stereotypical society. I console myself that if I am on my own for prolonged periods, then the TG thoughts pervade. I still don’t have the courage to go out dressed up though. Nor have I mustered the courage to go to the doctor. Partly put off because they won’t give me HT because I smoke. Anyway Carla1212 ansd Mertera, I am in your space. I just want a pair of boobs. There are times that you wish you could start all over again – today is so more understanding than when I grew up…but someone also told me about balancing personal issues and collateral damage (ie family). Don’t know. It’s a horrid world.