Reply To: Crossdresser Corner


Welcome to TGForum. It’s not unusual for men who long to crossdress but hide it from their friends and families to build up frustration about not being able to dress where ever and whenever they like. The tension of keeping the big secret can be intense. Some manage to balance short periods of dressing up, going on a “business” trip or some other excuse to get away, while others feel the pressure steadily building till the pot boils over. All that intensity can make a person feel like they are not just happy crossdressing when they can and makes them wonder if they should go further. Sorting those feelings out is hard while you’re still in the closet. A good simple test is to attend a community event, if you can get away for five days. Something like Fantasia Fair where you can present your femme sell to the world everyday for five or so days sorts out those who are crossdressers from those who are trans women. If after the 4th or 5th day you are tired of shaving and putting on makeup that is an indicator that you are a crossdresser. Don’t just take my word for it. Contact a gender aware therapist in your area. Also, you can send a question to our online advice columnist, Amanita and she will answer you in her monthly column.