Reply To: Transgender People of Faith


I find Jaimee21’s story especially inspiring. Clewis’ comments are also very revealing and I have discovered them true as well. Most are attracted to authenticity, in whatever form.

I found MCC years ago, and their welcoming, accepting attitude put me to shame for the dismissive attitudes I grew up with as a strong spiritual leader in family and church. I re-examined my beliefs, working from scratch. I concluded that crossdressing is not at all inconsistent with Christianity. The greatest commandments of Christ include loving our brother, something consistent with most major religions, and to love our brother we must first love and accept ourself, recognizing that we are in greater need than those we may try to correct. I no longer try to “correct” anyone, just love and accept them and their truths. If they care to know, I share mine, but never as an effort to change someone or dismiss their truth as less relevant than mine. I have discovered that others have truths which are indeed valid and worth considering in an honest manner, as they can often improve my own understandings. and shape what I believe true. It is freeing to realize I am not called to judge others for their beliefs, something I am not qualified to do and should avoid. I think that is in tune with loving our brothers and the Golden Rule, treating others as we would want to be treated. If we have something others believe worth emulating, it likely won’t be because of what we say but because of what we do, and what we do toward acceptance is far more likely to have positive impact than judging, teaching, or dismissing truths that differ from our own.

I was asked to give a sermon once at MCC. I did so as Rhonda, they only way they ever knew me. I used that opportunity to convey truths they had taught me, which I had come to see were more consistent with scripture than my previous understandings. I apologized for the judgmental attitudes I used to display, typical of those who forced many to seek a different , more accepting venue for worship. I was asked by a lesbian couple to play piano for their holy union, which I gladly did, dressed in a gown given me by one of the brides. Importan life lessons are often best learned from those we once sought to teach.