Reply To: General Discussion of Transgender Issues


Hello i live in turkey and i want to come and live to aanother countries such as Canada or Australia or NNZ where transgender population live better than turkey . But I have no support or no friends who give me some informations or advices about it. I speak two languages French and English . I was in Istanbul University and studied franch literature but I had to quit due to my transition to MTF . I have been working as a sex worker in danger like any other trans women living in turkey.Living in these conditions makes me more depressed and more unhappy. I have been struggling with some addictions like meth and benzos such as Xanax. Alternatively I work as a camgirl from computer in adult sites ..
I am waiting your advices about how to move or come as aslym seeker and how to start for it to take an action .
Sorry for my English and ntm all you : )