Reply To: Transgender Transition


Lycanthrose, the answer has many variables. Exactly which hormones you will be proscribed, dosage, age, time on hormones, etc… all play an effect.

I know that there were certain things I swore I’d never do after transition. Little pet peeves that some of the guys expressed with their girl friends. I’m told I do them now but they won’t say which ones. They just find it amusing. Over the long run, 30 years now on HRT I’ve noticed a decrease in spatial perception, loss of strength and a change in interest over the years. Now a change over the years is normal but I’ve lost interest in some things that I thought I wouldn’t (like going to the range).

Hormones effect the whole you, not just breast growth. The younger one is the greater that change. I’ve also lost about 2″ in height. I think this is from the loss of muscle mass since they say the bones won’t change. Everyone is different and everyone’s experience with HRT is different.