Reply To: Transgender Tips: Makeup, Clothes, How-to Ideas


I am having what’s left of my facial hair removed and am experiencing a freedom I have not felt since I was a smooth-faced teenager. There is such joy in just being able to put on a little lipstick, a little mascara and maybe a stroke or two of eye shadow and then head out the door. With my real skin showing, no foundation, no worrying that it looks unnatural, no worrying what’ll happen if a guy tries to kiss my cheek. BTW regarding nails, I work in male mode, going back and forth between gender identities all the time, and have found stick-on, removable nails to be extremely helpful. Also: I had a t-girlfriend who left her toenail polish on for days at a time and ended up with a deep fungal infection and horribly thickened nails. Her podiatrist told her you should remove polish every day or two and let the toenails breathe for at least a day in between.
Be beautiful xxxo