Reply To: Transgender Transition


ll. I came out as a transgender woman seven weeks ago. I’m 20 years old and had not felt any gender disphoria until a few months before I came out. I immediately started wearing makeup, dresses, and skirts. Later on I started wearing a headband and leggings. I felt awkward about because my hair is still short and I’m letting it grow out. My friends were very accepting. I am not in a romantic relationship and I am trying to get into one. Since I came out I have been receiving alot of affection at bars from girls and they dance with me. I am trying to make female friends that I can do feminine things with such as go shopping. I receive ongoing counseling and I started going to the meeting of an LGBT organization on my college campus.
My mother did a lot of research online on the transgender topic and she is dead set against me being transgender. Whenever she comes to visit me I have to dress masculine. She is convinced that it is a bad thing to be transgender and she is not trans phobic or hateful. Her reasoning is that you are who you are no matter what and you cannot change your biological sex. If someone is born male they cannot change that.
I have autism, but I am very social and I do very well academically. My mom has taken notice of the fact that there is a disproportionately high number of autistic people that are transgender. It is ok for her to be critical of me. I just wish that she would respect my right to transition. I currently live with three guys and I found a group of girls to live with. I’m hoping and praying that my mom recognizes that I’m a woman soon enough for me to sign the lease.